Analisis dan Perancangan Sistem Informasi Promosi Berbasis Web Pada Asosiasi UMKM Muaro Jambi

M Yusuf, Herry Mulyono


Abstract Technology that supported by information system need in globalization era have been felt of sociaty and important thing one of them is internet, business competition demanding a business man keep up with market developments and willingness. UMKM Association of Muaro Jambi have limited time contraints in it is product promotion, with the result that the management marketing done by UMKM Association is still not good. Hence, the main problem faced out is marketing especially promotion. There is no promotion media online base in UMKM Association of Muaro Jambi. Analysis and system planning method with UML object oriented approach. In this research will be produce a prototype of information system of promotion can be implemented, with the result that produce information system of promotion will apply by UMKM Association of Muaro Jambi. Keywords: Internet, UMKM, Information system of promotion, UML

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